The job of the entertainment rigger has become
more and more complicated as the live event industry has grown exponentially over the last three decades. As the loads have become larger, the margin of error has become smaller. Experience alone cannot prepare today’s riggers for the ever expanding challenges faced in the theatres, arenas, studios, and ballrooms used to produce live entertainment events. ETCP rigging exams require a balance between experience and education to qualify for certification.  Through ALPS Academy’s Entertainment Rigging Sessions you can obtain that necessary education to partner with YOUR experience, allowing you to pursue increased work volume, ETCP certification (or re-certification), and safer rigging practices.

What makes Entertainment Rigging Sessions unique is that our training sessions are hosted by local companies, unions, colleges or universities, thus defraying the additional cost of hotel rooms and travel expenses.  Both, open-access and closed-invitation sessions are available. Class size is limited to 40 students to ensure thorough instruction and individual attention.

Classes are taught by Ethan Gilson,
ETCP certified rigger and an ETCP Recognized Trainer.

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Welcome to Entertainment Rigging Sessions

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Sessions are designed for:

Ground Riggers

Up Riggers

Venue Managers

Production Managers

Stage Hands

Master Electricians



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